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Services & Installations

Installation & Services in Monmouth County

Fireplace Services

Why should I have my fireplace serviced?

Like most gas-fired appliances, a gas fireplace requires regular annual maintenance to ensure its safety and efficiency. Routine maintenance helps maintain low energy costs and ensures that your fireplace will continue to be operational for years of enjoyment.

Services Offered:

Direct Vent Fireplace Service Vented Gas Log Service Vent Free Service
• Clean firebox, door gaskets, logs and embers of any combustion by-products, dust or other airborne particles

• Inspect venting system for blockages, debris, and structural integrity

• Check switches/thermostat or remote controls for proper operations

• Clean burner, venturi's and pilot assembly; adjust pilot flame for optimum MV output, Ream if necessary

• Check gas fuel lines/valves

• Clean glass, reinstall logs and arrange embers

• Test appliance for proper lighting and flame pattern; Light pilot, and explain services performed
• Remove and clean logs of any combustion by products, dust and other airborne particles

• Remove sand pan system; replenish sand, embers and volcanic cinders

• Clean main burner, front burner and safety pilot assembly; Adjust pilot flame for optimum performance, Ream if necessary

• Check gas fuel line, burner and pilot gas connections for deterioration

• Check MV production, remote control/wall switch/thermostat performance (if applicable)

• Light pilot, and explain services performed
• Clean firebox, logs and embers of any combustion by-products, dust and other airborne particles

• Clean burner, venturi's and safety pilot, ODS assembly

• Check switch/thermostat or remote controls for proper operation

• Install logs, embers and other accessories, check correct placement

• Check gas fuel line/valves

• Test appliance for proper lighting and flame pattern

• Light pilot, and explain services performed

Barbeque Services

Does your barbeque look like it has seen better days?

Before you go and spend money to replace it call our Grill Dr.'s (we make house calls!)
If you regularly entertain then an optimal performance barbeque is a must! Our Grill Dr.'s have many years experience in service and repair in the barbeque industry. We regularly review and improve our methods to ensure we are the best at barbeque services. We also replace or repair any barbeque parts you may need (charges may apply).

We Carry BBQ Grill Parts For All Makes & Models, EVEN YOURS!

What if my barbeque is completely shot?

If upon our visit to your home to service your barbeque, if we feel that it is in your best interest to replace your barbeque rather than to service it. A fee $69.95 for our travel and assessment will be charged. You will have 30 days from the day we were at your home to purchase a new grill with us and receive one of the following discounts;

$69.95 OFF

Any Grill Purchase Under $1,000


5% Discount

On Any Grill Purchase Over $1,000

*On Select Models*

Are you unsure on which hearth product will work best for you? Take a few moments to fill out this Pre-Shopping Questionnaire

Installation Services fireplace Monmouth County NJ


A fireplace or stove can add beauty, warmth and value to your home and set the mood for memorable gatherings of family and friends. However, choosing and installing a hearth system without adequate expertise is like playing with fire. East Coast Energy Products prides itself on its efficiency in all aspects of installations, and our promise to our customers is to be in and out of your home as quickly as possible with the least amount of disruption to your schedule and lifestyle.
Planning and installing fireplaces, stoves and their venting systems requires experience, technical knowledge and skill. Numerous decisions -- from proper floor protection to appliance sizing and placement to venting system compatibility and height-should all be made with the expertise of a NFI specialist. We respect your property and your family's safety and well-being is our foremost concern. We carefully plan each installation and keep you well informed of any issues or concerns that may arise. To protect our customer's investment we are proud to offer our exclusive East Coast Energy Products "6 Month Performance Satisfaction Guarantee" with our installations. This buyer's protection plan covers any parts and labor costs for 6 months after the initial installation is complete.

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