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How To Grill in the Winter

East Coast Energy Products, Inc. of Monmouth County explains how to grill during the colder months

Wait! Don’t Put that Grill Away Yet...

The dishes you make in the summer off the grill taste too good to only eat three months out of the year. But how can you maximize your grill year round? East Coast Energy Products, Inc. of Monmouth County gives its customers helpful hints so you can use your barbeque all year.

  • • Warm or cold it still gets dark early in the winter. Take a few minutes to prep your food during the week to save time, or use a flashlight or a light that fits on the handle of the grill.
  • • Stage your area. Brush the snow or ice off the grill and side shelves. Shovel a wide path to your grill and throw some salt down if necessary. Carrying food and slipping on ice are prohibited.
  • • Hopefully you have stored the grill accessories in the house so you don’t have to drill through the snow to find them.
  • • Take a minute to tuck your scarf or other accessories into your coat so they won’t dangle over the grill enticing flames to catch you on fire.
  • • Snow gloves are not barbecue gloves. Make sure you have on heat-resistant gloves when operating your grill.
  • • Use a timer and lift the lid as little as possible. Opening the lid to check on food extends cooking time as the grill loses heat quickly.
  • • Make sure you have fresh dry charcoal in reserve, or a full tank of LP gas.

Then heat some milk on the sideburner for hot chocolate and you’re ready to go. Stay warm!

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