vent free heating monmouth county
  • vent free heating monmouth county

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  • vent free heating monmouth county


  • vent free heating monmouth county

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Vent Free Heating

Vent Free Heating Monmouth County

Whether you’re interested in a simple space heater for a room addition or basement workshop, or a luxurious fireplace for the corner of your formal dining room, there’s a vent-free gas product to meet your needs. No matter what type of vent-free gas heating appliance you’re interested in, all of these products:

  • - are energy efficient;
  • - are convenient;
  • - heat for pennies per hour; and
  • - eliminate the need for wood.

The nation’s vent-free gas heating product manufacturers offer a wide range of products that include:


A variety of large and small vent-free space heaters are available — from 5,000 to 40,000 Btu — with numerous cabinet and burner designs. Space heaters must be permanently installed on the wall or mounted on a floor stand. As the most cost-effective and compact vent-free appliance, space heaters offer the most installation flexibility.


Installed in a traditional masonry or listed factorybuilt fireplace designed for wood burning, vent-free gas logs operate with the fireplace damper closed, which allows all the heat to stay in the room and not go up the chimney. Choose from a wide variety of amazingly realistic flames and wood styles, including driftwood, oak, weathered oak, maple, pine, aspen, birch, split logs, and many others.


A vent-free gas fireplace insert installs within an existing masonry or factory-built fireplace— turning a messy, inefficient decoration into an efficient heat source. Inserts deliver the unbeatable heating efficiency of vent-free gas logs, but some also offer a blower for improved heat distribution.


Vent-free gas fireplaces look just like traditional fireplaces, and come in all shapes and sizes. Because there’s no chimney or vent, they can be installed against or into any interior or external wall at a fraction of the cost of a traditional fireplace installation.

These fireplaces can fit into a corner, serve as a room divider, be located under a window, or be placed in any other spot where there’s access to a gas line. Recent hearth innovations include mini fireplaces for virtually any room in the home; an extremely efficient infrared ember bed that produces high heat output from low gas input; a fully automatic remote control providing instant ignition as well as precise control of thermostatic heating level, on and off times, flame height, and flow rate from 8,000 to 40,000 Btu/hr; and a new universal mantel system that can be used on many different brands and types of fireplaces.


They’re easily mistaken for wood stoves, but cost considerably less to install and operate. And with a vent-free gas stove, there’s no flue, no hole in the ceiling or wall, no wood to chop and haul, no soot, and no ashes to clean up.


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vent free heating monmouth county
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vent free heating monmouth county
vent free heating monmouth county