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5 Easy Ways to Maintain a Low Electric Bill This Summer

East Coast Energy Products, Inc. of Monmouth County provides tips to save you money on your electric bill.

With your AC on full blast during the summer months, there are a few easy ways to help save you cash this summer. Using heavy drapes will keep the warmth from the hot sun from entering, and keep the desired chill from exiting your room. Instead of turning your thermostat "off" when you are not home, use the energy saving option. Remember, the phrase "heat rises"? If your air conditioning is running on the first floor of your home, you can maintain cooler temps by closing the doors upstairs. Don't depend solely on the AC to do all of the work; ceiling and window fans can make a big difference in maintaining cooler temperatures. Finally, keep the lights out during the day. East Coast Energy Products wants you to use these tips to help reduce your electric bill!

1. Use Heavy Drapes on Windows

A method that is frequently used to keep heat in during the winter time, can also effectively keep the chill from the air conditioner in the house during the warm summer months. Hanging heavy drapes in front of windows will help keep the house cool by not letting the glaring sun warm up the house. Depending on how many windows you have in your house, installing heavy drapes can be an effective way of keeping your house cool. If buying drapes for all of the windows in your home is too expensive, you could opt to hang them in the areas of your house that get the most sun exposure.

2. Use Energy Saver Option on Air Conditioner

When you are not at home, use the energy saver option on your air conditioner rather than turning it off. The energy saver will keep your house at a cool temperature. If you turn off your air conditioner the temperature in your house will rise, and when you turn the unit back on it will need to work harder to cool your house down again, in turn rising your electric bill. Additionally, if your air conditioner has seen better days, it is likely that it is not as energy efficient as some of the newer models on shelves today. If money allows, it may be wise to upgrade your air conditioning unit before next summer arrives.

3. Recall the Fire Safety Warning "Heat Rises"

As children, we are taught that heat rises. If you have an air conditioning unit running on the first floor of your home, you could help keep your house cooler by shutting all of the doors on the second floor. The less space your air conditioner needs to cool, the quicker and easier it will do so. By stopping the airflow to certain areas of your house, you are helping to reduce your electric bill in a big way.

4. Ceiling and Window Fans Go a Long Way

When you're trying to save money on your electric bill during the summer, it is wise to limit the use of the air conditioner to extremely hot days. Fortunately, ceiling fans and window fans do not use nearly as much electricity as an air conditioning unit does. Well placed fans can keep cool air circulating in the house, and keep your home from feeling like a sauna. If you do not already have them installed in your home, consider purchasing ceiling fan units. Install a unit in each of the bedrooms to keep air circulating as you sleep.

5. Lights off During the Day Time

A simple way to conserve energy and lower your electric bill is to turn off all of the lights during the day. If the weather permits, open the windows and allow natural light to shine in, instead of keeping artificial lights on all day long. This move will help reduce your electric bill significantly by reducing your electric use during the day, and keeping your home cool in case you need to turn on your air conditioner later.

The Bottom Line

Saving money on your electric bill is easy when you know where to make cuts. There are some simple and cost-effective ways to reduce your energy use during the summer months. You can drastically reduce your energy bill during the hot summer months by limiting your air conditioner use, installing thermal drapes and using fans to maximize the ventilation in your home. A high electric bill can be a source of great stress for many struggling consumers. This summer, don't fret over a costly energy bill and find ways to reduce your bill instead.

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