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It's Fall! Time for Your Annual Cleaning and Inspection

East Coast Energy Products of Monmouth County Encourages You to Schedule Your Annual Fireplace Cleaning and Inspection

Fall is here and with it comes some of our favorite things-fuzzy sweaters, hot apple cider, Halloween, beautiful leaves on the trees, and warm and cozy evenings spent by the fireplace. However, before you light that first fire, you need to have your fireplace professionally cleaned and inspected to ensure your safety during the colder months.

Top Four Reasons Fall Fireplace Cleaning and Inspection is Vital

Fall is the best time of year to have your fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected. It’s best to be prepared before winter hits, but why are cleaning and inspections so important? Here’s the top four reasons why:

Reduces Seasonal Allergies

Dirt, dust, soot, and pet hair can build up in your fireplace and chimney all year long, creating red eyes and runny noses for those in your household who suffer from allergies. Having your fireplace professionally cleaned will clear out potential allergens and stop them from circulating throughout your home when you light a fire.

Protects Your Chimney         

Without yearly cleanings, creosote builds up in your chimney, creating a potentially serious hazard. Creosote can corrode your chimney and cause fires, as well as corrode the flue liner and mortar joints, making your chimney unstable and hazardous. In addition to having your chimney professionally cleaned annually, also make sure to use the optimal low moisture firewood, which cuts down on the smoke-heavy fires that encourage creosote buildup.

Saves you Money

Yearly inspections will find any potential issues with your fireplace and chimney, such as cracks, flue issues, and weather damage. Addressing these issues now will prevent dangerous and expensive damage from setting in.

Keeps you Safe

The most important reason to have a yearly cleaning and inspection is that it will keep you and your family safe. Creosote buildup, damage, and weak spots in the structure of your fireplace and chimney can cause fires and encourage dangerous gas buildup. The National Fire Protection Association conducted a five-year study on house fires and found that the number one reason they occur is because of failure to clean solid-fueled heating units, neglecting to clean out creosote being the primary issue.

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